"Down, But Not Out!" captures all the action of four amateur women boxers as they step for the first time into the ring. Each fighter, Anna, Daria, Aga and Alicja go all out to win as they are challenged to face an unknown opponent at a box competition organized by the amateur boxing association within their league. We also witness the trainer, Przemek, his mental and emotional connection with each fighter as he pushes the physical strength of Aga, the mental toughness of Alicja, the vulnerability of Daria and the desire of Anna as they each exceed their own personal limits.

“Is incredibly refreshing, and engaged me in a way that few documentaries have ever done” J. K. Renfrow (Sound On Sight) USA
“Exciting, tense, intriguing, fascinating, refreshing, beautiful, different, honest, genre-breaking” (Cinemum) AUSTRALIA
“One of the purest expressions of athleticism ever shown on the big screen.” Stacia Kissick Jones (She Blogged by Night) USA
“Really deserves its place alongside one of those ESPN sports video collections” Richard Propes (The Independent Critic) USA
“Highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of the reality of life” Randy Krinsky (Influx Magazine) USA
“The excitement, dread and humour of being a fighter” Niahm Griffin (Women Talk Sports) IRELAND