The first ever Polish feature documentary on the issues of beauty and self-perception. It follows the winding journeys of four people who turn to plastic surgery as the last resort in their search for perfection. Aside from the obvious dilemmas, Desire for Beauty addresses numerous hidden questions, and reveals things that neither the makers nor the heroes of the film really expected. The making of the film attracted a number of renowned members of Polish social scene, and found solid support in the professional opinions of the country's top experts in various fields - from psychology to the fashion industry. However, more importantly, the film will take its spectators on a breathtaking emotional ride, and trigger a wave of discussion about one of humankind's most unquenchable desires.

“From witty and innovative” Charlie Bury (Way Too Indie) USA
“Desire for Beauty a Thoughtful, Intelligent Doc” Richard Propes (Independent Critic) USA
”Unlike reality television, you come away from this one inspired, ever hopeful" Clinton Stark (Stark Insider) USA
“A direct reflection of our obsession with perfection” Christopher Maynard (Following Films) USA